A Children’s Home in Nakuru, Kenya


The corners of a child’s mouth tells a library full of stories. Look here. Abandoned Children’s Fund has for many years funded an orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya, which is operated by a local Church that is located in the local slum area and associated with a community development association which provides a wide array of life enhancing services to children including health care, education, vocational training, feeding programs and clean water well-drilling and well installations in their own as well as other nearby slum communities.

Nekuru 1

There have been many hundreds of children over the years that have been rescued from horrendous and desperate plights by the work of this group of tireless Kenyan servants to their neighbors. Frightened, battered, shocked and helpless boys and girls who have been brought into the Children’s Home and later some into loving households and put on track to a normal, healthy and productive life by these lovers of mankind in Nakuru. The following are a few very brief examples.


After losing both of her parents before she turned seven, Susan was badly abused and repeatedly raped by the family who took her in after her parents died. “My Uncle who had agreed to care for me as my dad… pushed me out of my bed, undressed me and raped me mercilessly then left me there.” Susan found someone to help her and take her to the hospital. She now lives in a loving place without fear of abuse.


Similarly, Sarah lost her mother at age seven and was forced to live with her violently abusive father who threatened to kill her and her siblings if they were to tell anyone of his nightly sexual attacks. “As soon as we started forgetting the pain of losing our dear mother, things started changing. Dad became so harsh and cruel to us. He used to call us one by one and rape us threatening to kill any of us who leaked stories.” Sarah’s story was verified and her father was arrested. Now Sarah is grateful for her sense of belonging in the Children’s Home and wants to become a teacher.


Simon was beaten and chased away by his own family as a young boy. Not many of us can even fathom what emotional devastation this would cause a young child. After being chased away he was forced to live on the streets in unrelenting hunger and become a street beggar. For the first time, Simon feels he is in a safe place where he does not need to run away. He now has hope for a healthy life and a family of his own one-day. 


After the death of his mother, Michael moved in with his Aunt. Although he was not beaten or sexually abused by his caretaker as the others were, Michael’s aunt could not afford to feed him and asked him to leave. With nowhere else to go, Michael had to live his life on the streets. Michael found his way to the Children’s Home and is now having a great time in the nurturing community with plenty of other children to play with and caretakers who love him.


Life changed for each of these children (and many, many more) when they came to the Children’s Home. The hope and future these children experience is made possible in part by the material support they receive from donors like those at Abandoned Children’s FundYou can be a part of turning the corner of other mournful children’s mouths into smiles by participating in a one time donation or a regularly scheduled donation at


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