Postcard from Mother Joan Clare Chin Loy

Our Sisters went as usual to the Concepcion Pequena, to distribute food and clothing to the dwellers of the squatter’s area nearby. There, 36 families with an average of 7 children each in each family, spend their days.


A newcomer family caught my eye, with Angelo the one year 4 month old baby boy a main attraction. Angelo captivated my heart. His innocent smile and winsome look, pleaded not only for attention, affection and love, but for what caused the need of those. He needed FOOD. His big round eyes seemed to look further, beyond me, as if to say, where is it? What is it? When will I get it? His 14 year old mother, Julie Artiza, tried to explain to him “food is coming”.

Then I tried to convince him I had some food in a bag for him. He shied away a little, but hungry won over shyness.  He looked at me. “I am hungry, please.  Give me food”. That is what I need, not HAPLOS, HAPLOS, caresses and pretty words.


There is nothing as enticing to a hungry baby as good smelling biscuits, nice looking crackers and a willing donor. I had made a friend! These are good! Where did they come from? More please! One piece was not enough.  Oh, that can hardly fill one mouthful! And is it ever good! Whoever made these can make some more! Yummy!  Masarap!  Matamis!  Goody, goody.

Where did these come from? I like, I like, I like. If my mouth were a little bigger, I could eat more. God I love you for giving me this food. I need it so badly. I want to grow up big and healthy like other little boys. Thanks GOD and all my kind friends.


Biscuits from Sister and from my friends. I will share with my Mother and other little boys around me. Thanks GOD. Will I get more? Soon? Next week? I will come back for some more. Thank you so much. It is so good I cannot stop eating, but my mouth won’t hold some more. I will give my mom some food to eat too. It might help her poor teeth. She loves me and helps me but she cannot do much. She has nothing. It tastes like more. And there is more coming! Thank you Sister! I am hungry!  I have never eaten these.  And they are good!  Please for more! Thank you, Sister! Masarap-masarap! Yummy! Yummy!  Goody, goody!

My mouth is full, Sister.  I cannot get to put more into my mouth, but I want some more. Do you have more in your hand? Please give me some more. Sister, may I please have one lollipop like my mother has in her mouth? I love lollipops too. Let me see if you have any more, Sister. I won’t take them all, I will only take one. The red one please? Any one!  Okay, I won’t spoil my teeth because I don’t have any good teeth. Only my baby teeth, permanent teeth come later. Thank you.

My mother is Julie Artiza. She is 14 years old and I am one and I am 1 ½ years old. My mother has no good teeth due to lack of food (especially milk) when she was young. I am praying that I will get good food so I can grow nice teeth to eat.  I will grow big and learn to pray, so I can pray for you all. I love you and Hope you love me too. God Bless you all.


Alright Sister, a biscuit will do. Ooooh! Yummy, yummy in my tummy, Thanks, please. I Like! My fingers can’t go around this. But my mouth will. A real live biscuit, all my own. Thanks God, again and again. No matter my face dirty, the cracker is clean. Are you getting me more mommy? Look for more. I would love more. Thanks.

Since this tastes so good, thanks for giving us food from God and the kind donors and benefactors sent from God, for God. I need you so badly to be with us. You are our mainstay. We look forward from one Saturday to the next for the food you provide. We pray it could be more often.


Thank you baby Jesus, Thank you Blessed Mother, thank you St. Joseph, thank you all the saints, thank you all the angels. This is Angelo saying Thank you with love. Keep me safe till the next feeding. I love you. Angelo.

Where oh where is the next lollipop gone? Where is the other pack of biscuits? I think I smell it nearby, ah here it is hidden under mama’s bag, I found it. Oh! Another whole pack of sweet biscuits, I just found you! I will enjoy you late this evening for supper. Biscuits again, goody! Again Thank God, Mama Mary, Saint Joseph, All the angels and saints.

 Angelo says:

“If we are born in the dump site, or on the dump site, squatters’ shed, or by the river, we continue to exist there until we get a better place to occupy.

“There are millions like me in the Philippines. We live wherever we are born and very often, it is not in the hospital, nor a home, nor a shelter, nor any place of comfort. We exist in very sparse surroundings, with little sanitary convenience, little food, little water and little shelter”.

Would you like to come and see where I live? My mother is very young, and single, and she tries to get something for me to eat”.



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