Babies Abandoned in Storage Lockers


In Japan unwanted infants are left in storage lockers under the mistaken notion that these lockers are checked every day. They are not. Most of these children are found to late. Not all stories end so fatally. Recently in Lusaka Zambia, a woman slipped out of church Sunday morning to use the outhouse. When she opened the door she heard, to her horror, the faint murmur of an infants sigh. Forcing herself to look down into the darkness she saw an infant had been abandoned to the depths of the pit latrine. She rushed back into the church interrupted worship with the alarming news. After disassembling the structure and removing the rock foundation one man reached into the filth below and rescued the little boy.

This infant was unusually lucky. After a couple of days in the hospital he was released and delivered to our project to be cared for until he could be adopted. Today he is a healthy and smiling boy, waiting for loving parents to resume his upbringing.

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